Enterprise IT Hiring With Applicant Tracking Systems


All of the metrics indicate nearly all IT hiring throughout this season to stay in cloud-computing and large data. The days are gone when an IT potential employer could peruse a couple of résumés, interview a couple of candidates to have an hour approximately making an educated decision concerning the best candidate to do the job within the IT department.

The figures show there are roughly 600,000 unfilled IT jobs available. Where do these unfilled IT jobs lay, what skillsets will they encompass? Industry analysis site icrunchdata has printed estimates there are 598, 510 IT jobs within the ?big data? niche marketed on numerous job posting sites. Of those, 220, 767 worked with big data analytics. There’s also 127, 329 jobs available dealing directly with data, using the emphasis standing on coping with the amount and number of data that’s being collected. Another job category coping with large teams of data, data researcher and other alike titles, is showing roughly 82, 444 big data jobs, and software development jobs number greater than 78,000.

Furthermore, jobs coping with statistics and business intelligence number 60, 430 and 28, 900 correspondingly. Icrunchdata spokesman Todd Nevins states they have seen no slowing lower in companies recruiting and hiring IT talent that’s skilled in a number of facets of big data management. Based on Nevins, as lengthy as companies and enterprise are visiting a significant return around the investment of recruiting and hiring the correct talent, this wave continues. Inside a related report, recently, icrunchdata demonstrated estimates that big data hiring had elevated 63 percent since the center of 2012.

If you are recruiting or likely to be recruiting IT talent within the arena of large data sets, applicant tracking software will help you to keep a record of all the skills and characteristics of each and every applicant making that information searchable, making the hiring decision much simpler. Applicant tracking software (ATS) enables you to setup the database using the headings that best meet your requirements, so that you can classify applicants through the different big data skillsets that you are searching for.

By having an ATS package running and optimally utilized, culling with the multitude of applicants so good jobs will attract requires a couple of minutes to input the appropriate data and also the search the database. Forget about pawing through filing cabinets and studying hurriedly scribbled interview notes.