The Safe Way To Incorporate Video Conferencing In Your Board Portal Software

Today’s board software gives you many options for organizing work at different corporate levels. And these tools can be used not only to set up work processes at executive levels, but they can also be used to communicate with customers, business partners and regulatory agencies. Perhaps the ability to communicate effectively even when working remotely is perhaps the most important advantage of today’s virtual portals. Find out how to use video conference call options for the board of directors and beyond from our article.

How can you organize a video conference with the help of virtual portals?

Board software vendors can find the optimal solution for organizing the work process within the company, regardless of the specifics and scale of its activities. Including the software offers a wide range of opportunities for organizing and supporting communication both within the company and with external partners. One of the most convenient ways is video conferencing, which has become especially popular and in demand over the past few years. Organization of the work process, first of all, for the Board of Directors, using video conferences has several advantages:

  • Speed – it takes much less time to prepare and conduct online meetings than traditional meetings within the walls of the office;
  • Convenience – to participate in scheduled business meetings it is not necessary to travel to the office, just connect and enter the virtual meeting room at the scheduled time;
  • Efficiency – as a rule, video conferences are more effective because there is a limited amount of time for settling issues that nobody wants to waste;
  • Security – Videoconferences using virtual platform tools have many security mechanisms, including multi-step authentication for users, a limited number of participants, data encryption, and more.

The interface of virtual data rooms that are used for video conferencing is usually quite simple and does not require much time or effort to learn it. Therefore, all it takes is a few simple steps to set up a virtual meeting:

  • Create an announcement on the virtual whiteboard, indicating the time and date of the meeting;
  • Create a virtual meeting room;
  • Provide access to the participants of the future meeting;
  • At the appointed hour, turn on your device and enter the meeting room.

To make sure everything goes smoothly during the videoconference, we recommend checking the technical condition of your devices and the quality of your Internet connection beforehand. Another advantage of virtual platforms is their versatility – you can use any convenient device to access the virtual meeting room.

Why are virtual platforms the best solution for your business?

In addition to providing ample opportunities for video conferencing for board members, virtual platforms bring many benefits to the company as a whole. In particular, using virtual portal options makes it possible to:

  • Plan the company’s work for different periods;
  • Track performance indicators in automatic mode;
  • Organize an effective system of document flow;
  • Communicate with clients and business partners at any convenient time.

In addition, the use of virtual portals does not require large expenses for installation and further maintenance of the software. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable software for the company not for all the money in the world – it is time to switch to the use of virtual portals.