Link Juice

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Link Juice

Link Juice in the SEO world is referred to as the value that is passed from one website or page to another. The value which is being passed from one page to another is done through hyperlinks.

There are a number of different methods that can allow a website to earn links through the web. These can be done through direct and indirect methods.

Guest posting, press release, document sharing, and social media marketing falls under the category of direct methods. On the other hand, the indirect method is when you present content on your website which forces the readers to share on different websites and social media networks, thus linking the pages naturally. The value that is passed from such websites to your website is referred to as link juice.

How does it Work?

Consider you have two different websites, X and Y. Assuming that all the other ranking factors for these two websites are the same, but the only difference is that –  website X has one link whereas, website Y has zero links.
As a result of which, website X will rank higher in the user’s search because of the link juice it has received from one of the external website linking to the source website.

ON the other hand, if website X links to website Y, then, in this case, the link juice is passing from X to Y, making site Y to be ranked higher on Google search engine. More the number of links and pages linked to either website X or Y, the higher it will tend to rank on the search engine.

Ways to Get More Link Juice?

Attracting more link to your website can be a tedious task to attain, generally takes longer periods of time to achieve more traction. However, some of the good ways to attain more links back to your website are as follows.

  1. If you are a blogger who wants to create more link juice for your website, it is important that you create trustworthy and useful content for the readers, so that they can share it with the outside world to spread quality knowledge.
  2. In addition to creating authoritative content, it is also essential to increase your brand outreach and the popularity of the brand. This can be done by using social media tools and websites to build a loyal customer base.
  3. To get more and more link juice, it is important to advertise your brand or blog continuously and promote it as much as possible to get the best possible PR.  
  4. Writing good website content is one thing, but helping it reach to the right people and users is another. For any brand and blogger, looking to attain high link juice, it is important to get the content in front of the right audience.

In addition to above-discussed ways, some of the other common methods that businesses can make use of to improve their link juice are writing blogs for other websites, doing product reviews and getting listed on industry relevant directories.

How can you Calculate Link Juice?

A number of different SEO tools can be used to calculate the link juice for your own website or for others. A couple of these are as follows.

  1. Majestic Citation Flow
  2. Moz Domain Authority

Calculate your website link juice and see where you can improve to get it ranked higher on the search engine.