How Should Kennels for Sale Look Like

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Many companies on the market have in their assortment a wide selection of this type of product. No doubt, everyone will find the model of the booth that best suits your dog’s requirements. It is essential that the cabin is not only sized but also that the dog does not freeze in winter.

The most popular are wooden booths, as wood is a material that preserves heat and is safe for a pet. In the companies’ offers, we will find traditional boxes, consisting exclusively of a den, and those that consist of an entrance hall and bedding. The entrance hall allows you to protect the cab from low temperatures as a result of precipitation.

If we want to give our pet a luxury, we can buy a wooden hut with a covered terrace, and then the dog will have the opportunity to relax on a sunny terrace, and not on cold surface or earth.

Depending on the size of the booth, the design and the material used for its construction, the prices in a wooden cabin are very diverse. A simple, compact box for a small dog is about 25 cm high. For large dogs, kennels should be more spacious.

How to install a booth?

The doghouse must be installed so that the dog has the ability to control most of the territory. The booth should be located in a comfortable place where the dog can relax. It is vital that it is protected from the wind so that the snow does not flow inside.

The size of the kennel inside should also be correctly sized for the dog so that it can freely stand and turn into its shelter. It is crucial to make sure that the dog feels comfortable.

How to calculate the size of the street kennel for dogs?

The size of the booth should be well adapted to the size of the dog. It should not be too big, because in the winter period an unpleasant chill will prevail in it. A great way to choose the size of the booth is to measure the dog.

We do the height measurement when the dog is in a standing position, adding 10-15 centimeters. We get the width and length by measuring a dog twisted into a ball, adding about 15 to 20 cm to the result. The dimensions of the entrance to the booth are determined based on the height of the dog. The width should be a few centimeters bigger than the width of the dog.

What about cages for sale?

When choosing a kennel cage for outdoor, it is also necessary to take into account some features. Like booths, kennel cages exist in different sizes. It is recommended to select the cage so that the animal can:

Sit freely

Stand and lie

Walk without problems

Play with comfort and rest.

The ideal cage allows the pet to stretch inside, stretching its paws, while not touching the walls and ceiling.


Providing comfortable living conditions for a dog, we can be sure that as a result, we will get not only devotion and love but also an adequately guarded territory of our houses.

How should kennels for sale look like

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