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NUTN Network News Digest


NUTN is Joining WCET!

In 1983, a group of forward-thinking higher education leaders gathered to create the then National University Teleconferencing Network. In the more than 35 years that have followed, our network has seen unprecedented changes in how technology can be used to facilitate learning and bring education opportunities to previously unserved populations. The NUTN Network has evolved and morphed to stay relevant to our members and the students you serve.

As the professional development space becomes more crowded and member travel budgets continue to shrink, the NUTN Advisory Board has looked at the changing landscape and where NUTN might fit. After very careful exploration and consideration, it has been decided that NUTN will merge with WCET on August 31, 2018 (the end of our current membership year).

We will continue to publish the NUTN Network News Digest every other week and plan to offer several webinars free to our members and friends between now and August.

The NUTN spirit will live on as part of future WCET events. NUTN alumni gatherings will be featured at WCET’s 2018 & 2019 conferences. Additionally, we will have a dedicated listserve to keep our members connected. The historical records of our past award winners will find a new home on the WCET website.

If your institution is not already a WCET member, a generous discount has been offered for the 2018-2019 membership year ($825 for institutions with an FTE less than 5,000 students, or $1,800 for institutions with an FTE greater than 5000 students).

WCET - WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies, is a national, member-driven, non-profit higher education organization whose mission is to bring together colleges, universities, higher education organizations, and companies to collectively improve the quality and reach of technology-enhanced learning programs. Given how technology touches every aspect of all areas of today’s institutions, administrative decisions, and academic technology deployments, WCET provides timely and relevant information and resources, with access to a national network of 360+ college, universities, and organizations, that seek to improve student success with appropriate uses of educational technologies and innovative approaches to teaching.

We are collectively proud of all that NUTN has stood for and accomplished. Very few organizations in our space serve their members for over three decades. NUTN has facilitated lifelong professional and personal connections and these relationships will continue to thrive.

Respectfully, Justin Louder, EdD

Chair, NUTN Advisory Board

NUTN Network News Digest